Who do we work with?

We are ‘pan disability’ – meaning that we work with people with any type of disability – physical, mental or sensory, or any combination thereof and of any severity – from mild to profound.

Historically we have provided a varied programme of fully inclusive and accessible clubs and social activities for disabled children and young people aged between 9 and 25. However, due to developments in our project work, we have recently extended our provision to include younger children from the age of 5 and ‘older’ people over the age 25, with no upper age limit.

Everyone is welcome at Live! and we exclude no one.

Aims and Vision


We aim to provide high quality learning and recreation activities, which are accessible and responsive to the needs of children, young people and adults with disabilities. We promote integration, celebrate peoples’ differences and recognise and implement equal opportunities throughout the organisation.

We achieve this by:

Putting children, young people and adults with disabilities first by:

  • Talking and listening to them
  • Supporting their needs
  • Communicating with them
  • Recognising and providing facilities for their specific needs

Providing high quality activities

  • Positive roles in play activities
  • Encouraging respect for other people and cultures
  • Positive opportunities for all
  • Proactively enforcing an anti-bullying policy

Linking with the community

  • Support for all their needs

Our Objectives

  • To advance, promote and encourage education and learning opportunities for children, young people and adults with disabilities to increase their capabilities to make informed choices about their individual lifestyles within their own community.

  • To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation for children, young people and adults with disabilities in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving their conditions in life.

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