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5000 mg cbd oil,

5000 mg cbd oil,

5000 mg cbd oil,

Based at New Scene Centre in Chester, people come from throughout Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales to take part, to make friends and have fun. Whilst doing so they develop their self-esteem and confidence, improve their physical well-being and develop social, vocational and independent living skills.

As a charity our role is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of those taking part, challenge disadvantage and promote choice and inclusion.

We are always looking for supporters to raise a money for the charity and we are currently one of the Chester Mayor’s charity’s of choice for 2019-20. If you wish to raise money or make a donation to the charity please follow this link to our fundraising page – https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charity-web/charity/finalCharityHomepage.action?charityId=1018156

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Live! Cheshire
New Scene Centre
Limewood Close

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Charity number: 1160972