85-year-old Wirral cycling enthusiast Sylvia Briercliffe aims to cycle 1,000 miles by April

Sylvia Briercliffe, from Eastham, is celebrating her 85th year by riding 1000 miles and started her fundraising challenge in April. She has already completed 852 miles on her bike ‘Etty’.

But the 85-year-old mother-of-three is finding it difficult to reach the number of people she needs to raise as much money as possible for her one of chosen charities, Live Cheshire.

“It’s important to me that I do raise a lot of money because they are really worthwhile causes,” said Sylvia, who has been keeping diaries of her adventures on the roads.

“I’ve been to Liverpool a couple of times and New Brighton. I’ve even been to Anglesey – that’s the furthest I’ve been.

“I’m doing very well. I have a big notice on the back of my jacket that my daughter made me that tells people what I’m doing and a lot of people stop me. I’m doing quite well personally but I can’t get to that many people.”

“I’ve always loved cylcing so thought why not do something worthwhile?

“I was cycling along and I thought ‘I’ve done 1,000 miles when I was 80’ – I just discovered I had done it over the years because that’s what the milometer said – and I thought ‘How about raising some money? It would give me the impetus if I thought I was doing something for charity’.”

“So many people when they stop me to see what charity I’m doing it for and how I’m getting on, they say ‘My son’s always up and down mountains and he does 60 miles a day’ and I say ‘But they’re not 85’.”

Sylvia has not been short of people wanting to donate money during her bike rides but the grandmother is anxious about collecting it herself.

She said: “I’ve told the charities that I’ll do the leg work but I don’t want to collect any money – I think I would be vulnerable on my bike. I told them I’d keep a diary, which I love doing, but I just can’t get the money in.

“I have this thing where I can’t take any money until I’ve done 1,000 miles because that’s the challenge and I don’t think I should take any until I’ve completed it. I will do it – barring any accidents.”

If you would like to support Sylvia, you can do so by contacting the Live! office on 01244 320479

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